55” Mini LED Endoscopic Monitor

Hisense HME8C55U is a 55-inch professional 4K ultra-high-definition endoscopic monitor that supports display resolution up to 8 million pixels, supports DICOM standard, and meets the precise display requirements of endoscopic video and medical images. It has the features of high brightness, high gray scale, high resolution, high uniformity, high color gamut, wide viewing angle, etc., and uses a high reliability and long life Mini-LED backlight system to ensure longterm stability and consistency of the display. It restores the original information of medical images and accurately displays the details of medical images. It is widely used in hospital 4K endoscopic surgery, digital operating room display requirements, surgical teaching and broadcasting, and comprehensive training.

Excellent Industrial Design

With a slim exterior and ultra-narrow bezel design, you have the flexibility to choose the installation solution (suspension/embedded wall).

Abundant I/O Design

Support multi-channel HD and UHD signal input and output, providing you with flexible window layout mode, fully meeting the requirements of DOR.

Optical Bonding

Employs high-efficient long-life LCD panel with LED backlit which can meet variety of requirements such as lower noise as well as cleanliness.

Dual Power Supply Design

Dual power supply system, so if one power system fails, the display will switch to another power system seamlessly without affecting the operation process.

Perfect Image Quality

With FHD and 4K resolution displays, it can represent richer image details and more accurate colour reproduction effects, to help surgeons improve surgical efficiency.

Mini-LED Backlight Technology

This is the first Mini-LED professional monitor for Endoscopic surgery in the world, using the latest high-end technology. With a 2000cd/m2 minimum peaking and a ultra-multi-zone backlight control technology.

Display structure
Screen surface treatment: AR+AF protector, bionic protector on the screen
Protection class: Front IP65, monitor IP22
Weight: less than 37kg
Hanging hole spacing: 400 x 400 VESA

Panel processing type: Mini-LED backlight
Size: 55”
Screen ratio: 16:9
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Color depth: 8bit + FRC
Refresh rate: 60Hz
Backlight: >1000 partitions, support LD
Brightness: 700cd/m2(min), 2000cd/m2 (min peaking)
Contrast ratio: 200,000:1
Color gamut: Effective coverage rate ≥ 85% BT.2020 (1976 standard)

Video input: HDMI2.0 x 1, DP1.4 x 1, 12G-SDI x 1/4 x 3G-SDI x 1, single-link DVI-D x 1, 3G/HD-SDI x 1
Video output: HDMI2.0 x 1, 12G-SDI x 1/4 x 3G-SDI x 1, 3G/HD-SDI x 1
Remote interactive interface: RS485 x 1, (RJ45 terminal, support full duplex)
Service interface: Upstream USB x 1, Upgrade USB x 1, Debug port x 1
DC output: DC5V, 2A, DC12V, 1A
DDC/AUX communication: Yes
Button: Mechanical Button
Sensor: Backlight sensor (backlight stabilization)
Power Indicator: 1 LED light, multiplexed with the lock key, green when working, orange when energy saving mode
Function and software
Buttons definition: Regular buttons: lock key, menu, up, down, SWAP; Shortcuts buttons: Display Mode, RPE, INPUT1, INPUT2, Image Mode
Multi-window display: PBP/PIP, three-split screen, four-split screen
Window image quality is independently adjustable: Yes
One-click switching of window layouts: Yes
Signal processing level: 14bit
Response time (Maximum): Single window ≤ 20ms, Multiwidow ≤ 50ms
Color Gamut management: BT.709, BT.2020 can be selected
Field frequency setting: Framelock at 60Hz, Other signal frequencies use freerun
Factory default brightness setting: 400nits
Image mode: Preset Mode, DICOM Mode, User Mode 1, User Mode 2, User Mode 3, User Mode 4, User Mode 5, User Mode 6
No screen flicker when taking pictures: Yes

Power supply
Power supply requirement: Certification meets: AC 220V 50HZ, Designed to meet: AC100V - AC240V 50/60HZ
Maximum power: ≤ 300 W
Standby mode: Default energy saving mode off Only turn off the screen in power saving mode
Dual power supply design: Yes
Equipment type: Type I
Insulation requirements: Type I

Data wire: Standard HDMI cable × 1, Optional DP cable × 1, 12G-SDI cable × 1
User Manual: Paper version
Others: N/A
Temperature: Work: 0 - 40oc, Storage/Transportation: -20 - 60oc
Humidity: Work: 20% - 85%, Storage/Transportation: 10% - 90% R.H
Atmospheric pressure: Work: 700hPa - 1060hPa
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